I don’t know why…

…But I’ve always loved Tigger and Rabbit’s relationship in Winnie the Pooh. The Tigger Movie reminded me of that~ I mean, growing older I started noticing and loving the characters’ traits and relationship dynamics better, which is how Rabbit soon became my fave over Piglet.

But augh, this movie. Why had I not seen it up til now? >:’C TIGGEERRR!


But yeah, I was reminded of how much I love it when Rabbit freaks out over stuff~ X’DD

Though he didn’t much of an appearance after that which made me sad, but when they all went to find Tigger after he ran away I knew they’d go get him to help~ AND THEY DID.

I couldn’t help but melt a bit at this little scene.

LOOKIT HOW HIS EARS FLOP AROUND. AND ROOOOOOOO’UGH. But yes, naturally he caves and helps everyone to try find Tigger and persuade him to come home, and of course being the main one that shouts at him. Poor Tigger >’:

And of course Roo helps him save the day and EVERYONE IS FRIENDS AGAIN.


And why yes, I am abusing the fact I figured out how to make animated gifs for tumblr~

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